Youth Taekwondo Classes

Youth Martial Arts Classes (6-13)
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Youth Taekwondo Ages 6-13

Beginner level Taekwondo martial arts training, self-defense and physical conditioning (Ages 6-13): White, yellow, and orange belts only. This “Beginner Youth Program” is a 40-minute class, two days a week and curriculum is focused on building confidence and coordination as well as focus, respect, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit, and self-control. Beginner Taekwondo skills are taught at white belt, yellow belt, and orange belt levels. Students are encouraged to attend all classes. Once a student earns their green belt or reaches 14 years old, they will be promoted into the next-up age and rank appropriate class.

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  • A good place for kids to learn karate

    lazaro Avatar
  • I really have much respect for all of the CounterForce crew. Everyone at this dojang works very hard! I really... read more

    Jeremy Avatar
  • The class very well by the instructor, nice environment and service good

    Rashelle Avatar
  • Great school for children.l

    lets.go. Avatar
  • Counterforce is a wonderful place to bring our 5 year old son to learn the 5 tenants of Taekwondo: courtesy,... read more

    Shane Avatar

Classes Available In Person or via Zoom

At Counterforce Taekwondo, we equally value the





of Taekwondo.

It is our goal at Counterforce Taekwondo to assist in the development of responsible, independent, confident, self-sufficient and productive individuals through quality Taekwondo instruction.

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