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Master Matthew Ray - Certified Taekwondo Instructor
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Meet Master Matthew Ray

Master Ray has more than 35 years of experience training in Taekwondo and other martial arts, and owning and operating his own schools. He is a certified master instructor through the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation as well as the International Taekwondo Federation and Jidokwon school of Korean Martial Arts.

Master Ray has trained with several Olympic coaches and competitors throughout his lengthy competition career in WTF and ITF Taekwondo. He has an extensive background in competing as well as coaching at the state, national, and international levels. Despite his comprehensive competition background, his passion lies within developing well-rounded martial artists, not just athletes.

In addition, Master Ray has trained in Hapkido, Judo, boxing, traditional martial arts, demonstration teams, and weapons, and has been a certified Taekwondo referee as well. He loves sharing his passion for Taekwondo with others and many of his former students have become school owners, instructors, elite athletes, and life-long students of Taekwondo.

Master Ray also has a strong interest in nutrition and fitness and greatly enjoys sharing those interests with his students and families.  He and his wife, Lynell aka “Mrs. Ray” have been long-time residents of the Seattle area and actually trained together as black belt students back in 2001 at what is now Counterforce Taekwondo West!

Master Matthew Ray


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  • New owners. Totally renovated, top-of-the-line quality instruction and classes. Best kept secret in West Seattle. Definitely worth checking out!

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  • A great school that teaches both the traditional aspects along with the modern day style of Taekwondo. They run instructed... read more

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  • This is an amazing place. Top-notch instructors, totally rennovated, modern look, excellent location, and warm inviting environment.

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  • Master Ray has dedicated a lifetime to mastering Taekwondo and sharing his love and passion of the discipline with people... read more

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  • Awesome school! All new inside with new equipment and the best staff. Highly recommend Counterforce West Seattle!

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